Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My wedding site

For lack of updates and also lack of post's because it's getting nearer to my wedding day so there is still lots to be done (well ain't that the standard response from everybody that's preparing for their wedding). Anyway, it's also partially because I've become slack at posting on my blog eventhough I've got loads of crap to talk about.

Somehow I have a tingling feeling that gals blog easier cause there naturally born with much more to do, to talk, to buy especially....haha, I'm so gonna get flame by all the lady readers later on ;p

So keeping things short & simple and quick, here is a link to my wedding microsite created.....just for the heck of it and will be updated along the way slowly. Please have a view and drop your well wishes & comments by signing my guestbook :)

p/s: lots of you will be asking me why there isn't any pre-wedding photos on the site.......simple....It's cause it's still in production......So be patient "AKAN DATANG......"

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Changi Terminal 1

It's been a while since i last flew on airasia from Singapore to KL, I was kinda dumbfounded and to a certain extend confused on what was I supposed to do ..... checking in, customs, security checks (thank god it's not a rigid & troublesome as the US), and lastly what are the damn rules for stuff on hand carry luggage. You know those things about how your gel stuff, and lotions and liquid based type of stuff that ae supposed to be put into a clear zipped plastic bag. I can't really remember the exact limit for the liquid amount so to be safe I always just dump all these kind of stuff into the toiletries bag and check in luggage. Hence, no f*worries. I'm a happy happy man :D

Im right now logged into one of the many free Internet access terminals available at the airport....I suppose I could be lazy and just use my lappy or better still, using my newly enabled mobile blogging from my beloved phone (read previous post). Yes, it's free and I'm f*lazy so sue me if I wanna use the terminal.........lalalala

Trying to see if I can blog as much crap as I can before the timer runs out on me for the terminal. i'm doing pretty good with lots of time to spare. I feel Changi has a better comfort feel to the airport than our dear old KLIA. I like it here, it ain't so airporty feel or cold and icy like when I'm in KLIA.

Oh well, that's all for now....gtg peeps.

mobile blogger

This is sooo f*cool.
Now I'm able to blog from my HTC Touch mobile. This presents many new possibilities from updating my blog with gossip or just plain old bullshit & crap.

I dunno why it took me this long to catch on this feature. Guess I'm just plain f*lazy.

prepare as "Confujinism" goes hyper-mobile!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Divorce of the Dynamic Duo of 'Pudgy Dragon, Scrawny Tiger'

Last night, 27 June 2008 marks the end of the dynamic-duo of 'Pudgy Dragon, Scrawny Tiger' more aptly known as the 'Fei Loong, Sau Foo' duo as my partner-in-crime, Lawrence has finally left the organisation and thus found greener pastures. He isn't going far but still it's not the same as we can't make stupid jokes, laugh sheepishly at our sly schemes and also share gossip & talk cantonese in the presence of the non-Malaysians.

On one hand I envy him, but on the other also wish him the best of luck......we'll still be the dynamic duo, but instead we'll only be reprising our awesomeness roles when we're out of the office.

So the instead of the divorce & separation on the dynamic duo, we're just taking a break and now operate on flexible after hours.....that's after 6pm :) ........ hmmmm, kinda feels like the Dark Knight, Batman. Ooooh, which I can't wait for the movie release on July 17

Signing off ..... the Scrawny Tiger.

Friday, June 27, 2008

You Don't Mess with the Zohan

Last weekend was out & about when dear old Stanley & Pek Bee of our Bishan gang decided to 'ajak' me to watch Kungfu Panda........too bad, I've watched that with the wifey....and had a good time too.
So being the movie desperados they are.......they quickly switched and asked if I wanted to watch Adam Sandler's "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" YDMWTZ

"Hmmmmm *scratching my balls*, Oh well I'm good for's not like I had loads to do on a lazy Sunday evening". Off I popped upstairs (since their timing was so 'ngam' that I was at Junction8 already) to get the tickets and for 7.05pm session ....then hurried to resume my initial plan before I was rudely interrupted at 6.20pm. I had plan to enjoy a bowl of Ajisen Ramen's Hokkaido Seafood Ramen....IT'S THE BEST!, THE BEST, I TELL YOU, gotta try to love it....the scallops, the crab meat, the soup ...... wahh blogging about it and I'm already salivating =p
It's ok, ordered the meal at 6.30pm and finish by 6.45pm, took me 1omins to gobble it down..Yuuuummmmmyyy!!

Ok I'm starting to digress. Here's a quick review of the show which was as usual as all the other genre of Sandler's movies which mostly are just plain slapstick comedy. He's closest rival would be Ben Stiller. YDMWTZ strikes me as really insulting yet quite endearing as it pokes fun at the Israelis & Palestinians age old conflict & war. Not to mention that it's clearly those no-brainer-laugh-out-loud-till-your-sides-ache-and-tears-flow type of comedy......or you can just say it's S-I-L-L-Y!

Zohan is a top-super-soldier type of Israeli soldier that fakes his death to go to America to be a hairstylish (a mix of the macho with gay), ends up at a Palestinian saloon to learn the ropes and falls for the beautiful sexy lady boss/owner. He starts from the bottom, sweeping hairs (even he can make that funny) and finally gets his chance and proves to be a potential stylish but the catch is that he offers "extra" services. At first I thought his 'special' approach was kinda funny but by half the way thru the hairwash, I was feeling a tad disgusted...... Well, it is a Adam Sandler movie after all so I shouldn't be suprise.

I won't give much of the movie away but watch it to see the slapstick comedy as he is best at but also before you do, read a little about the middle eastern culture else some of the subtle movie comedy like the damn fascination with Hummus will be ...... ummm, how shall I put it? Swooosh...pass by you just like that and you didn't even get the joke. Also, as with majority of Sandler's shows, his good friend and slapstick comic buddy
Mr.Rob Schneider makes more than a cameo apperance this time.....he is a supporting cast. Put these 2 together and you'll know there's definitely more than a barrel of laughs in store.

Verdict: Good for a Boring Sunday as it helps to cheer up and occasionally make you sides ache. Better to get it on DVD and watch with friends at home.....only if you're a Sandler fan =)_

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Encrypted post - Decipher please....

It's official, June 2008 is my FAVOURITE month this year so far!!!
It has brought me much JOY by circumstances of many STIMULATING instances which I would remember as though it was engraved with a kryptonite tipped blade into my COLD DARK heart, stripping away all insanity from reality and recomposing it into current events.

Just for the record, I appreciate all that has been done by my dear LOVABLE bossman that has led the way for many DEDICATED followers. He is OUTSTANDING, such TRUTH, such COURAGE, often potraying as FASHIONABLE....OMG, it makes me faint just to think of the bossman.

The man all hailed as the bossman is one who is IMPARTIAL yet would seem like your best FRIEND. Yes you heard it here......he is GOOD & the BEST.

Note: To read this simple encryption, the hint is the opposite/antonyms of the bolded words. Use this link for help:

Monday, June 23, 2008

Learn to choose and walk your choice

Ever get the sensation that life is meant to be lived to it's fullest and every life experience that we have is something we learn from or at least cherish the exact memory of the moment coz when it passes, the feelings & emotion at that very dot in the space & time continuum will never be experience again.

I envy people that have had a hard life and I envy those that had an easy life as well. Nevertheless, what we make of our lives today is a result of our experience and choices that we have made thus far.
No one ever said life was gonna always be easy, no one promised a happy ending, no one but the almighty himself would dare dictate our life. However, knowing that our actions are guided by experiences and life lessons learnt, at every turn of our life when at the crossroads of choices, decisions are to be made......this is where we decide on the choices we have and take action based on the projected image/illusion that we would likely see as the outcome.

Know this though, that for every road taken, there is another not tread ....... never regret the choices made and walk proudly to lead a path where others have feared to venture.